Sagar Infra Rail International Limited (SIRIL) is a leading integrated dynamic and innovative Public limited Railway construction Indian company and has been manufacturing Thermit welding portions for welding of rails joints since 1984. Mr. K. Udayananda Reddy Chairman & Managing Director developed a completely indigenous technology for manufacturing of the Alumino Thermic Welding portion for Thermit Welding of rail joints with three piece mould auto timble multiple/single use Cruicible which could stand all stringent quality parameters. Till that time the technology of Rail Thermit Welding was practically monopolized by a German Company, M/s. Electro-Therm who had a Franchise unit in India.

With the working experience of more than 30 years, both in India and Abroad, the Company has gained expertise in the field of Railway Engineering & construction with specialization of Alumino Thermit welding including manufacturing of Alumino thermit welding portions and allied materials, Construction of Bridges, Installation of Ballastless Track including third rail system (power rail) about 130 kms metro railway system in Gulf for Dubai, Installation of Ballasted track about 400 kms includes 150 km track installation in a single contract, Turnouts system, Civil Construction, Design and execution of District Cooling Project in Dubai.

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