The Road Map of the Company starts with taking over of an M/s. Sagar Electrical & General Industries in the year 1984 by Mr. K.Udayananda Reddy. M/s. Sagar Electrical was a sick unit at the time of taking over struggling to establish in the field of Thermit Welding of Rails. The technology of Thermit Welding was practically monopolized by a German Company, M/s. Electro-Therm who had a Franchise unit in India.

Mr. Reddy being an Engineer himself, evolved a completely indigenous technology for manufacturing of the Welding portion for Thermit Welding which could stand all stringent quality parameters of the R.D.S.O./ Lucknow, a Research Wing of Indian Railways. After obtaining the approval of RDSO, the firm has become the first to evolve an entirely indigenous technology for Thermit Welding of Rails. Subsequently, Sagar has provided respite to Indian Railways for Rail Welding works, as the only competitor to the Global Giant M/s. Electro Thermit’s Indian establishment.

Further, the company is seriously engaged in continuous improvement of the Welding Technology and today stand as one of the two companies in India to undertake Alumino Thermit Welding. The Company’s fondness for continuous research has enabled to achieve a technological break through by indigenously developing Mobile Gas Pressure Butt Welding system.

Having involved with the Railway Projects for Rail welding works, the Company has successfully explored the possibilities for diversifying into various other engineering activities of the Track installation such as Embankment construction, Track linking etc.

Due to increase in size of operations and with a vision to develop further, in the year 2000, the partnership firm is changed into a Limited Company in the name and style of Sagar Thermit Corporation Limited.

The Company has noted the trend of the Indian Railways and other Govt. Clients which is tending towards amalgamating all connected jobs and resorting to awarding contracts of higher values. To enable to participate in such Tenders, the Company has decided to gain experience in all related areas of construction domain. The need for such diversification has been identified by the Company, also keeping in view to boost up the turnover, which remains another requirement for Contracts of higher order.

With this vision, within a time span of past 10 years, the Company has grown multifold including foreign operations. For this reason, the Company name was finally changed to Sagar Infra Rail International Limited, in the year 2008.

With the team spirit and dedication of all the Sagar family members, the Company is sure of offering best options and solutions to our Clients.