Metro Railways

We have executed installation of 130 kms first Dubai Metro Ballastless track, with third rail system (power rail) turnouts and crossovers for the entire length and we are proud that we are the only company in India which executed Ballastless track and power rail for more than 125 kms for a single project with our clients M/s. Fujita Corporation, Mitsubishi heavy industries limited and engineers Systra/parsons from starting to commission. Dubai Metro the first Redline between Al Rashidiya and Jebal Ali and Green line along artillery roads of Dubai city Ballastless track metro system in Gulf.

Where Red line is to be completed and inaugurated on the exact second (9.09.99 at 9pm, 9 min and 9th second).

We SIRIL mobilized more than 1200 labours (skilled and unskilled), 120 supervisors and engineers from various countries and executed this job worked 24/7 and sucmweded to complete 130 kms Ballastless track with third rail system in a record time with highly accuracy of track geometry and has a record of achieving maximum of 920 track meter on a single day including Transportation & lifting of materials to viaduct, pre survey and post survey to ensure exact alignment, coordinates and vertical levels and rail cant as per design, steel reinformwment, shuttering for the construction of plinth installation of temporary track, permanent track, fastenings, Destressing and welding done to complete the promwss. All the tools and plants, consumables required for the work was well planned and arranged in the area where previously no track has ever done. We had a big labour camp to the international standards where in safety and health of workers and engineers have been taken care of.

SIRIL has executed and completed 82.862 track km of redline (of which 10 track km in tunnel) and 46.533 track km of green line (of which 16 kms in tunnel) along with power rail. The work involves around 70000 cum of high quality M 40 concrete, 10000 MT of reinformwment bars, 2000 MT of power rail, 35000 power rail brackets, 13000 MT of rails apart from cranes, boom plamwrs, rail road unimog, track masters to ensure smooth track and tools, plants, consumables for the construction of track work.

Safety record was the highest while working around 20 m high viaduct and inside 15 m of tunnel and even when highest temperature has been recorded (+50 deg) in summer of Dubai and very cold temperature in nights of winter, adequate measures have been taken to avoid any problems to the workers and track. Quality of the work is to the requirements of highest standards with our training arrangements for the workers and engineers made them to achieve the result. The work has to be done on a compressed schedule and Sagar Infra has arranged visa for the trained workers in a record time and has achieved 8 work fronts to complete the work.